Speaking of SLAPP suits…

Here is an article about a case in which I represent a defendant (legendary Tacoma rock-and-roll band – Girl Trouble) accused of defaming the nationwide “music production” company Gorilla Productions, Inc.


Read more here: http://www.weeklyvolcano.com/music/features/2010/04/girl-trouble-tacoma-band-sued-gorilla-productions/print/

and here: http://lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2010/04/28/girl-trouble-gets-hit-by-lawsuit-over-anti-pay-to-play-website

I will leave it to others to discuss the merits of the claim, you know where I stand – on the side of free speech!  You can read the details of the complaint at http://www.neverpaytoplay.com/, which is also the target of the suit.

Unfortunately, Ohio does not have an Anti-SLAPP law in place…yet.  So, we must fight on Gorilla’s turf, for now.  Currently, we are filing a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction (via an Ohio attorney, the wonderful Suzanne Blum of Thacker Martinsek), and hope the suit ends there.   More to come.


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